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How to exchange crypto with Rabbit Swap?

Using Rabbit Swap is easy and straightforward; below, you can find all the steps you need to take to swap your coins:

Best Rates Possible

Rabbit Swap has a unique algorithm that dynamically compares rates from various liquidity providers, selecting the lowest one to ensure your exchanges always happen at the most profitable rates.

Lowest and Highest Limits

Having various liquidity providers also enables Rabbit Swap to offer a wide range of limits. You can exchange very small amounts as well as almost infinitely large ones.

What Sets Rabbit Swap Apart?

Rabbit Swap is designed to make the crypto swap process cost-effective, secure, fast, and as easy as sending a text message.

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Exchange Independently

While most people conduct crypto swaps through various trading platforms, thereby entrusting their assets to these platforms, it is actually much safer to use independent exchange services such as Rabbit Swap. By doing so, you can still store your coins in secure, non-custodial wallets while performing your exchanges. This approach ensures that no one can ban or restrict your account, seize control of your coins, and ensures that the next FTX will not get away with all your coins, nor will you be affected if the SEC bans another of your favorite trading services.
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